3D Face Recognition & PoliSketch Program
CCTV Image Analysis & Processing

3D face eecognition montage conversion program

Image analysis program

Human ICT Video Intelligence System


e-Security System

Integrated access security and security portal

A security solution focused on visitors, corporate assets and security management

Security Solutions

Systems related to physical / computer security work of companies and research institutes

We provide customized optimization services for various security environments including access security and internal security management evaluation.

ITO Service

Experience in various ERP systems such as personnel, secretary, evaluation, and recruitment

IT service technology and system, human ICT ‘s passion and know – how are combined to provide more secure and convenient services.

Public solutions

Face recognition and smart video analysis solution to provide humanitarian IT services to facilities such as police stations and power plants.

Safety Solutions

Safety, environment, health standardization and efficient integrated information management system
Risk detection and propagation system through CCTV video analysis

We provide a service that manages the company’s safety environment more efficiently.

Product Inquiry

We build a system optimized for our customers’ environment and needs with the best technology.
If you have any questions about our technology and solutions, please contact us.